Come and see Gretel the Witch of Wat Tyler in her grotto.

Be entertained by her enchanting stories as you sit around her bubbling cauldron and pose for a spooky photo.

Entrace to see Gretel is included in the ticket price.

Photos in the grotto are a paid for extra.


The Tale Of Gretel Bogwart

Many Moons ago there was a town named Samhain, that had a very dark past. As every year on Hallows Eve the town was overthrown by an Ancient Evil. The dead would rise, the water ran black and even children were taken from their own beds only to be fed to the Evil Vampire Master Mortis Macarbe.

On the outskirts of Samhain is a foggy bog there lived an old hag named Gretel Bogwart, known well by the town but only as a strange old spinster who would ramble on crazy thoughts sometimes in an unknown tongue.

One year the day before All Hallows Eve some of the towns people ventured into Gretel’s bog and asked for her help as some believed her to have other worldly powers. She declined there plea as they had nothing to offer her and the fact that the townspeople have shunned her for years. As the towns people left her hut one child offered Gretel only what lay in their pockets. A small hand full of sweets, mallows and chocolate. Touched by this offering Gretel agreed and followed the people back into town.

The moon shone onto the dirt as it does every year on All Hallowes eve and as the ground started to part and release all the towns worst nightmares, an army of skeletons and vampires surrounded the town.

Gretels stood at the mouth of the hole dressed in her brown cloak and staff. Mortis Marabre appeared in front of Gretel and demanded her to move aside. But Gretel proclaimed that the town of Samhain was now under her protection forever more.

Mortis just laughed as her sent waves and waves of his undead army to attack her and the town but Gretel was up for the challenge as sparks flew from her staff and spells were chanted as each of Mortis’ undead army fell by Gretel’s hand. Mortis was furious and decided to take the Hag on him self and ultimately paid the price. Gretel was to strong and the ancient king retreated back to his realm and is still in hiding planning his revenge. Gretel had saved town and everyone was safe once more.


Every year after the great battle the townspeople of Samhain lay the bones and bodies of Mortis’ army on the ground to ward off other evil spirts that may wish to do harm to Samhain. But best of all is that every year the towns people celebrate Gretel and build her own throne in the middle of town and offer her all the sweets that they can muster to show their appreciation for saving their small town.

She Truly is the Queen of Halloween!